We want to meet the most interesting people in Nashville. Pitch a guest to Movers & Thinkers.
What's the name of the person you're pitching?

First and last, please.
What does this person do?

Give us a job title if you can, but also some description.
What potential themes might this person fit into?

Each episode features three guests from different fields who all fit under one umbrella theme. (For example, we wouldn't do an episode featuring three people who work in education, but we might do an episode featuring three different and surprising kinds of educators.) Please look at previous themes and lineups at wpln.org/movers.
Do you have any examples of this person's speaking or writing?

When we book guests, we look for people who can talk about their work and their life in a compelling way to a diverse audience. Share links of their speaking or writing so we can see how they express themselves.
Any interesting twists in this person's story that are worth mentioning?

The show isn't just about people's work — it's also about their origins, motivations and challenges. It gets deep, occasionally.
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